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Scanning Information and Properties

Drop off and pickup locations


Beau Photo

110-1401 W 8th Ave Vancouver V6H 1C9


Mahi Photo

9278 120 St. Surrey V3T 4B8


Photo Expressions

140-2250 Fremont St. Port Coquitlam V3B 0M3


All scans are in .jpg format, we do not scan to .tif or .raw files.

Print scans are 300 DPI, although we can scan at 600 DPI for a higher price, we recommend against it as the higher the resolution exaggerates damage such as dust and scratches resulting in a scan that does not look as good.

35mm scans are 2000x3000 pixels. We can scan at 3000x4000 for a higher price, but as stated above, we recommend against this.

With a properly exposed sharp image our scans can easily be printed at 12x18 or larger, they can be viewed on  50" 4k televisions no problem.

You can split your images up into groups to create separate folders divided by year, person, etc; that being said, these groups should average 100 or more images per group to avoid extra time charge.

For anymore questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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